Hair Extensions



The Ritz Salon is excited to offer the newest, most innovative hair extension method available in the beauty industry!


Now you can add length, volume and highlights to your hair in just a few hours!  What makes our hair extensions so incredible?  We offer Short 2 Long Hair Extensions created from top quality human hair which are applied with no glue, heat, wax or other bonding agents and no solvents are needed to remove the hair extensions.  This means that there is no damage to your hair.


Short 2 Long Hair Extensions are simple to apply and remove and can be re-attached after several months of use.  The application process involves a strand by strand hair extension method that uses tiny color coated link tubes for attachment.  Once attached your hair can be easily brushed and styled.  We offer a variety of link colors so that hair and links match, making it almost impossible to see the attachment.  Best of all, the hair used in our extensions is reusable making our extensions affordable and easy!  Short 2 Long Hair Extensions are simple tohair extensions have a great advantage over traditional keratin-tipped extensions.  Unlike other hair extensions, our application process involves no weaving, glue, polymers, wax or heat and there is no damage to your hair. 



Short 2 Long Hair Extension FAQs


What can I do with my hair once the extensions are in?
Basically anything you would do with your own hair. From curling to blow drying, flat-ironing and coloring.

Can I brush my hair with extensions in place?
Yes!  we recommend brushing 3 times a day.

Question: Where does the hair come from?
Our 100% natural human hair comes from different parts of the world. Depending on the texture of your natural hair, we can helpyou select the hair that is perfectly matched for you.

Can I color my hair with the extensions in?

Yes, but we recommend that you have your hair colored at our salon in order to receive the proper procedures for coloring with extensions in.

Can I re-use my hair?
Yes.  The advantage of Short 2 Long Hair Extensions is that the hair can be re-used.

How do I care for my hair extensions?

  • Shampoo hair in a gentle manner no more than 2-3 times a week.
  • Condition hair from the mid shaft to the ends. Use a salon quality conditioner. Lightly rinse with cool water, leave some conditioner on hair.
  • Use an extension brush on the extensions, work from the bottom to the top
  • Always make sure your hair is dry and tied back in a loose ponytail or braid before going to sleep
  • Brush lengths three times a day
  • Curling irons, flatirons and hot rollers may be used
  • Seawater and pools can cause dryness to the extensions. To minimize these effects wet hair completely in a shower prior to swimming. After swimming, shampoo well and apply conditioner.
  • Some extension loss is normal and is to be expected. Average client hair loss is approximately 50-150 strands per day. You can expect to see a small quantity of naturally released hair trapped in the attachments after some time. This is normal and should not be interpreted as hair being pulled out of the scalp by the extensions themselves. Daily brushing close to the scalp and finger separation of the applied strands will avoid matting of this area.
  • If your hair and/or extensions are dry apply some leave-in conditioners or hair oil so that the hair is soft and moist. A good leave-in treatment can keep the hair from drying. But remember not to put too much otherwise there will be a build up and make the hair feel too heavy. If the hair feels too dry or heavy with too much hair care product you should wash the hair completely.